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We worked with Zapata's marketing and design team to create a stunning custom Magento 2 theme with reusable custom assets and stylers. was built from the ground-up to utilize Magento's multi-store functionality to offer completely separate English and French versions of the site, it's 400+ products, and a guided experience based on real-time geolocation to bring the user's looking for dealerships to appropriate information pages.

Grindstone wrote a custom Google Maps integration to provide a dealer locator and a rentals locator solution that was on-brand, available in French and English, and able to quickly sort and display listings from thousands of rows of data.

When it was time to merge with the legacy our SEO team carefully crafted a plan that not only retained all of's previous rankings but boosted to the #1 and #2 spots for both brand names where previously it was unranked.

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Grindstone provided lead development for a custom e-learning site built on Wordpress, LearnDash, WooCommerce, and several other key plugins. We significantly extended the functionality needed to support @HomePrep's students and customers through a variety of custom PHP and JS scripts. AffiliateWP is used to provide reseller functionality and Grindstone wrote a custom Gantry 5 plugin to provide affiliate referrals with reseller themed-and-branded shopping experience.

We worked with client provided design assets and mockups to restyle the base theme into a unique, on-brand end to end site experience. We partnered with @HomePrep's SEO and Marketing team to transition thousands of courses and products from their legacy site in a way that created a superior user experience while protecting site authority and rankings.

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Team Never Lucky

Grindstone crafted a unique one-page Grav theme for Team Never Lucky that packed a ton of functionality into a very small, very clean site. We provided on-air/off-air notifications for the client's stream with an option to watch the stream embedded on the site or visit the main stream page on Twitch. Products could be easily added to the site and all content was easily maintained through Grav's CMS backend.

eCommerce was powered by SnipCart and Grindstone wrote a custom API integration to both get custom shipping rates and push final order data to Amplifier for real-time product fulfillment, inventory tracking, and order processing.

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Grindstone Design built a Gantry 5 theme from the ground up give ORMS a modern platform inside of WordPress with the tools to create and maintain beautifully designed web pages and product pages. We created custom Gantry Particles that extend WooCommerce and provide theme functionality in support of a carefully tailored user experience. Full page designs were coded from client provided mockups and design guides.

The largest piece of the project was building out a custom API to integrate Printbox with WooCommerce. Grindstone developed a full integration that allows Printbox pricing and settings to interact with WooCommerce's cart and checkout procedures. Customers are able to access and manange their custom projects through Woo's account area for both draft projects and previously ordered custom products.

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